Replacement for the M-Bus RF GSM gateway Siemens WTT563 for colletting heating data from WTT561
In recent years there have been more or less precise solutions to count for the heat produced by radiators, this to distribute more evenly the cost of heating in condominiums with central heating, putting it in relation (at least in part and at least approximately) to actual consumption.  
Siemens WTT561 is a very common Central Unit that is used to read data from heaters. On each heater there is a Heat Counter Allocator model WHE5... or something similar;  these are connected in radiofrequency with the "control unit" or "concentrator" or "antenna" or "box" WTT561 usually positioned in the stairs or in other common areas. 
By using TermoEasy version RemoteWiFi or RemoteGSM as alternative to WTT563 it is now possible to connect the Central Unit WTT561 to the Web so that, for example, the administrator can read directly from his/her office (continuous web reading). 
It is not just equivalent or "compatible" or similar, it is better: the advantages to WTT563 are: 
- you can change batteries (so you don't have to trash it after 5 years!)  
- the Web interface is more easy to use  
- there is a "restricted" view that is ok for the end user (if Mr. Smith is in vacation, he can see if he forgot the heating opened) 
- it costs less! 
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And there is more. Alternatively, with TermoEasy Standard everybody (no need to be a technician) can "read" the data of the concentrator / antenna / control unit "on the spot" for example via WiFi, without the need to rent a technician with expensive dedicated equipment, so that the administrator (or a scale advisor or other condominium in charge) can read for himself data with a laptop or with common smartphone / mobile phone either with Android or iPhone. 
This can be an alternative to RemoteWifi/RemoteGSM that are connected to the Internet. 
Both TermoEasy Standard and RemoteWiFi and RemoteGSM are very easy to install and they connect with a nice wire to the m-bus interface (mbus connector) of your concentrator (the current standard in the heat counts), like this: 
interfaccia mbus connettore 
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