Frequently asked questions - TermoEasy the way for reading heat consumption in condominiums
Is the installation difficult? Do I need an electrician? Do I need a computer expert? 
Normally you can do it by yourself. The most difficult thing of the installation is to fix to the wall the box that constitutes TermoEasy, through two "fischer" anchors (if you want to fix it). For the rest if it is a battery-powered version you put in the batteries, a thing which certainly you have already done for some other equipment, and you connect TermoEasy to the Control Unit with a plug, which is equally simple. Then just follow the instructions in the paper manual (in plain English) and once you have started the user interface is generally intuitive and easy to use. 
The electrician will only be indispensable if you buy the 220V version and there is no power outlet near the point of installation. 
A professional can always be of help, of course, and we definitely recommend to find a professional if you don't feel comfortable installing it personally; and if you prefer to rely on a third party you will also find installers/professionals who can put and configure TermoEasy and could provide the readings to the condominium by email or by giving you remote access - but in read only / restricted mode (the viewable page contains only the data and does not have the options configuration, example click here) - all this always with a saving compared to the classic "reading company". 
Does the current reading company "read better" than TermoEasy? 
No, TermoEasy reads the data equally well, the data are stored and transferred according to the M-Bus industry standard. Almost certainly the current company read the data "more expensively" than TermoEasy ... yes! 
Heating managers or operators or readers that are not honest or even dishonest will tell you that with your particular system only them can do a reliable thermosiphon readings, and that you can not do otherwise. The uninformed or not-so-honest administrators will repeat this partiality equally. But usually it is not true: most systems that support the M-BUS standard can be read with TermoEasy. 
Is any special authorization required to use TermoEasy? 
You do not need anything special. Normally its use is proposed in the condominium assembly, which votes for its use. The majority of condominiums normally decide to install it and delegate the reading to the administrator, some delegate reading to the adviser of scale, some to a professional installer. This is every case of a 5-minute job with TermoEasy. With the Remote versions you read via the Web and therefore there is not even the small waste of time for the physical movement. 
If your administrator thinks about your interests, he will propose TermoEasy to you by himself, to save on condominium expenses. Or to give you the opportunity to use the sum now "wasted" annually for other things more useful for the condominium! 
Can you "cheat" in the TermoEasy readings? Can TermoEasy be used to change the readings? What do you do if you are challenged? 
No, you can not cheat with TermoEasy; the control units and the counters on the radiators can not in any way be altered by TermoEasy. In the event of any disputes with a reading, you can go to see what the physical counters show on the display (normally they keep the current reading in memory and most of them also the reading of the previous year). 
In particularly litigious condominiums, it could be agreed in advance in the assembly that the administrator or a person of trust of the condominium is authorized in case of disputes to go to manually / visually check a reading and in case of refusal the admin can automatically apply a counting ceiling. 
Can we talk to an administrator who installed it? Can we see a working example? 
It is useless to say that no administrator (at least so far: we accept volunteers!) has time to answer questions from potential customers of a company of which he is a client. Most likely you too... when you will buy it and you've seen it works ... well you won't want to be disturbed... 
For the rest, to see immediately how it is, there is a "frozen" screen of some time ago available here (Standard version or what you see directly on site) and here (Remote version). 
I am an installer, several condominiums that I know do not have the initiative to look for comfortable solutions like TermoEasy, and maybe they do not even have the patience to spend 5 minutes to configure it. Can I install it myself? I thought then to provide the readings - of course with a charge compared to what I spend, but at a better price than what they pay now, so they would gain anyway. And, for the majority it will be enough to receive data on paper or by email, but I thought that someone would like to see the "online" counts. I understood that with the Remote Version there are the numbers and configuration online; is there any way to provide this access but with configuration options disabled so that they do not go to "bust" something? 
Yes, in fact there are already some TermoEasy installed by third parties and we have already thought about this need and found a solution based on the first requests. First of all, with all the versions you can of course download the readings on the spot and then send them by email (in PDF or Word or Excel). 
Then, for versions with remote access, you will log in normally (by logging in here on; at the bottom of the page displayed there is the "Read only" menu through which a "read only" password can be defined. 
Now suppose you manage the building/user 1322 and then you login with 1322 + your password. The "read only" login will instead be r1322 with the respective password. At the first "read only" login the first password (default password) is the same as indicated in the manual for the first access "without restrictions"; you will change it for example in xe34ty89 (the system will ask you to change automatically). 
Then you just provide to the final user: username r1322 password xe34ty89 and login page address 
Example: page of consumption readings, remote version "without restrictions"; example remote reading page consumption breakdown with separate login, without configuration options (read / restricted only) 
I am an administrator, I bought it and installed it myself, I attached the plug and made the divisions in apartments with the iPhone, all of this while reading the mini manual, skimpy but I have to say, good. It's a feasible thing as promised by you and it did not take long, but it's still a job. What I can charge, reasonably, for the installation, based on your experience? 
Since we have heard you can certainly ask from 100 euros, even more if there are many units/stairs and/or you have also activated and inserted a GSM SIM. Some administrators/installers also ask for a modest annual fee for reading, this is a free choice. 
I have found that some professional has installed TermoEasy and then they supply the readings to our condo; I think we paid more than the TermoEasy selling price... 
Any professional/installer/technician proposes his services of course with a fee - but usually this is anyway a saving for many condominiums who otherwise would remain tied to very expensive reading companies: there are therefore advantages for everyone. 
What happens if a counter breaks? Our current reading society is also the one that did put the distributors / counters ... how will we do if we use TermoEasy for reading and not them? Will the sky fall on our heads? 
That counters are very common commercial products, from brands such as Caleffi, Siemens, Immergas, etc., your current company has not invented them. There are thousands of thermo-technicians and plumbers who know perfectly how to install new ones and they will gladly accept your request for a quote. Unfortunately for them it is still very unlikely that these electronic instruments break! 
What happens if TermoEasy breaks? 
It does not break, however, both the counters and the control units / antennas / concentrators to which TermoEasy acts as interpreter keep the data of the current year at least from the end of April to the end of September, ie 5 months; and most of the control units then (surely the wtt561 and wtt16 Siemens, but also others) keep the data of the previous year in an unalterable way, so in case of unforeseen circumstances there is plenty of time to fix without having to run. 
Does it work with iPhone? With Android? With iPad? With Mac? With a PC? 
Yes to all the questions. It works with any device with a Web browser, whether it is a smartphone, a tablet, a computer, of any world, even Linux. Of any manufacturer, not just Apple and Samsung but also all other producers. 
What batteries does it use? How long do the batteries last? 
TermoEasy works with 4 normal 1.5V AA alkaline batteries, those sold in all supermarkets in a pack of 4. It can also be used with AA lithium batteries, but normally they are not necessary. 
With the Standard version, if used max 5-6 times a year (many people turn it on only once a year, after the heating has been turned off), the alkaline batteries will last normally until the normal expiration date printed on the batteries (of usually 5 years, if you have not installed old batteries) 
For the GSM and WiFi version the battery life depends on WiFi or GSM coverage (if the signal is weaker, they will last less). In general, if the monthly or bi-weekly reading is adopted, they can also last for several years
We recommend replacing the batteries as soon as the device signals this need. 
Can I use rechargeable batteries? Zinc-carbon batteries? 
No, the rechargeable batteries discharge themselves too fast for this kind of use (the phenomenon is known as "self-discharge") and they also give a lower voltage than normal batteries: thus damage TermoEasy. You must never use rechargeable batteries or zinc-carbon (which by now are almost only sold by the Chineses). 
Does the GSM version use special SIMs? Is there a favorite telephone operator? Do I have to buy the SIM from you? 
The GSM version can be used with almost any SIM with the "data" communication active (either sold as Internet or the old Wap), of any provider that has a good coverage in the place where you put TermoEasy. You do not usually need a special plan such as 5GB/month or so. 
You just have to remember to make sure that there is always sufficient credit if the SIM is prepaid, or to pay the subscription if it is a subscription. We do not sell nor do we advise you to use any specific operator. 
But how much data do you "consume"? Is it enough a SIM with a data plan like 1G / month or similar? Or do you need more? 
The consumption data depends on the number of radiators / meters / meters in the building. Normally you do not need to buy a data plan among those in promotion with a monthly cost, because TermoEasy is very efficient and "consumes" very little data. 
From our tests for example a 30-apartment condo with over 120 radiators needed for a reading less than 9KB, that with a prepaid SIM without any data "promotion" and therefore no monthly recurring cost (but with the possibility of data traffic) were invoiced to us for 0.0268. Which, in comparison to how much it costs 1GB (which would be over 1000000KB) is a rather high KB cost, but for our particular application, in case of monthly reading (which is the one recommended to have the longest possible battery life) it means you spend around 30 cents a year (even less by disabling summer reading!). Other GSM providers have similar costs. 
Please note that most operators will require an annual "recharge" to keep a prepaid SIM active. 
One of our co-owners has given the availability/permission to connect TermoEasy to its WiFi, but in the place where it is convenient to put the TermoEasy, this WiFi seems to have a signal too low (we checked also with a smartphone) and TermoEasy does not communicate, can we do something? What can we do? 
It is possible to move TermoEasy away from the Control Unit by placing a longer MBUS cable (just use terminals, a flat cable or telephone cable is fine); or you could buy a "WiFi repeater" or "WiFi extender": now there are also very cheap ones, and all that they need is usually electricity (and since TermoEasy, when in Timer mode, transmits at night you may even want to connect the repeater to the light system). 
Is it available only in English? 
The interface works in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German; it is available at present with a English, French or Italian paper manual. 
Can I have telephone support? 
We are sorry but if we stay all day on the phone we do not have more time to work, and we do not consider it worthy to give you a "call center" service: you deserve better. We always answer questions asked by email and / or through the contact form
WTT561 WTT16 WTT56.. Siemens EN13757 Mbus M-BUS 
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